Company Profile

Namrata J. Kantak is an India social worker and social activist known particularly for her work for Sanskrit Teaching for Students for the last 13 years, conducting Sanskrit sambhashan classes for all age of society. Working as a Freelancer Morphological Annotator for the Sanskrit Morphological Annotation Research Project (Project Code No.SMARP018) undertaken in the Department of Computer Sciences, IIT Delhi. Conducting timely  bal sanskar class for ages below 10. In this corona pandemic conditions she completed assistant yoga teachers training certificate from Patanjali yogpeeth Haridwar course as well. Presently she is working as member of Innerwheel club.
Inspired with the lines “ Help Ever Hurt Never” she has given her sincere obeisance’s to the women power in the world !!!.

Every woman has a combination of the three qualities; femininity, motherhood and even more generosity ... In today’s fast-paced technological age, women are also working in every field. Salute to the women, who work at late hours while balancing family, friends and responsibilities.

Her small dedication in women care especially in menstruation to help women to gain Confidence to face social taboo about menstruation. 

Menstruation, the period that purifies a woman and purifies her body naturally. This is a time to create awareness about feminine hygiene! Even in today's modern times, this subject is kept in the dark. Those 'four' days become unbearable, painful. To put an end to these days of suffering quietly and enduring, this is a small attempt to the today’s women to battle this time. For the purpose of empowering women who have been neglected in the society and losses due to the Corona epidemic, to earn their livelihood we through “ Vocal for Local” 'by the Prime Minister of India ...we are introducing ‘Namaa Sanitary Pad '. This is our attempt to give a some support to the neglected mothers and women.
Our commitment is to provide, good quality and prompt service. Namaa Sanitary Pad !!!!!!